YCB-Video dataset Download Mirror (YOLO labels)

The YCB-Video dataset contributed by PoseCNN is based on the YCB dataset. 21 objects are selected, and photographed with an RGBD camera to make 92 videos. The entire data set contains 133827 frames.

21 Objects

The YCB-Video dataset is a little hard to download from Google Drive. Because it only consists of a super large compressed file (256GB) and does not support resumable transmission. Once the download fails, you will face an rate limitation (usually 24 hours) and have to download again from the first byte!😭

So I used sub-volume compression, each file is round 10GB in size with a verifiable hash. Although multi-threaded downloading is still not allowed, at least you can re-download from a sub-volume instead of the whole. Furthermore, I added text labels for YOLO training to each image under the data folder.

YOLO labels

YOLO Demos


Download Links

  1. (Onedrive) https://one.kyouma9s.com/YCB_dataset/
  2. (BaiduYun/BaiduNetDisk) https://pan.baidu.com/s/1-TM1y4iLoA-f0ckxpriIIg (password: 3v8t)
  3. (Original Google Drive) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1if4VoEXNx9W3XCn0Y7Fp15B4GpcYbyYi/view

Hash List

  • MD5 (YCB_dataset.7z.001) = 2938959578526c439fcf305039d771ee
  • MD5 (YCB_dataset.7z.002) = 5ff069313a4b1e80d5a4d49a5143520e
  • MD5 (YCB_dataset.7z.003) = d91401bfe17a58d112005b3d7ce54bee
  • MD5 (YCB_dataset.7z.004) = 03d90d90fca58cb718f7166f308d2b73
  • MD5 (YCB_dataset.7z.005) = d7efe9d3ebadc0e349530013cf2bcdbd
  • MD5 (YCB_dataset.7z.006) = a726108c94cedcf13cc7542d15f48094
  • MD5 (YCB_dataset.7z.007) = 172cef59b5aba068a44964999092c48e
  • MD5 (YCB_dataset.7z.008) = 204d10e89150b94303ea9408590bce1a
  • MD5 (YCB_dataset.7z.009) = d563b4bd3b503714084ecf25776220f0
  • MD5 (YCB_dataset.7z.010) = 42221d4aaf8f766ec43d5591cff9eb8e
  • MD5 (YCB_dataset.7z.011) = 127027a358a62f7174365548911d82eb
  • MD5 (YCB_dataset.7z.012) = a9527c328b11596467bf7c824f78fe54
  • MD5 (YCB_dataset.7z.013) = e74735f6fef230cce28e51be269a7db3
  • MD5 (YCB_dataset.7z.014) = fef10290667ed8770f4a69f68cf2d406
  • MD5 (YCB_dataset.7z.015) = 53ea620a14d222e19e18e276acb37f38
  • MD5 (YCB_dataset.7z.016) = c2e70cbc44a9ec83561e4d8568ed133b
  • MD5 (YCB_dataset.7z.017) = 9585027e3a1b4c419597602cbc6a8405
  • MD5 (YCB_dataset.7z.018) = e8a98ef2781e7acf610178db9f087fce
  • MD5 (YCB_dataset.7z.019) = 574864e2957de06da819352a0a84e752
  • MD5 (YCB_dataset.7z.020) = b7702d60e957744cb87529daf077c22a
  • MD5 (YCB_dataset.7z.021) = 2492ec78e8c761531d31040d44ae5a85
  • MD5 (YCB_dataset.7z.022) = 8e059c0bedde4107fdff67395bbcc77a
  • MD5 (YCB_dataset.7z.023) = 30cd6e0ffb69f6aa5a367d361b949399
  • MD5 (YCB_dataset.7z.024) = dfd92b2b0a5b67ef8bdf2352f18f5bf4
  • MD5 (YCB_dataset.7z.025) = c75e34108ecac57e9a1cd711b0a076e1
  • MD5 (YCB_dataset.7z.026) = a05f01f90d5b9380c1686e5d4ae10588
  • MD5 (YCB_dataset.7z.027) = b9a49dd0e5ef545dd414f7269d9a644c
  • MD5 (YCB_dataset.7z.028) = 1312e78288569cf7eb4cd03046e6e48a
  • MD5 (YCB_dataset.7z.029) = 4c21dfd4b7a8d324807b863d1316599b

4 Comments YCB-Video dataset Download Mirror (YOLO labels)

  1. Jae Hee Lee

    Hi, thanks for uploading the dataset. It seems that the first file YCB_dataset.7z.001 on OneDrive is corrupt. I tried to download several times, but always get 0da849546025f8c61f61f5a12599b950 as its hash value. Could you check this?

    1. Kyouma Sun

      Hi, I checked this file and hash values are not matched. I will confirm its status later


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